Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RUSH - A Jew, A Slav & A Canuck Walk Into A Bar - Beyond The Lighted Stage DVD


It was with great Relish and high expectations that I personally (and individually) sat down with before my first viewing of the long overdue and justly deserved Rockumentary concerning the peoples band from the Great White North (none other than our favorite canadian power trio) RUSH. Upon first viewing I was highly entertained and paid very close attention to detail as vintage clips and interviews never before seen flashed before my eyes (a photo of Neil Peart with Peter Criss in Cat makeup 1975! Etcetera!!!) and almost instantly knew that the film makers approached this as a labor of love placing me firmly amongst the RUSH fan that was in for quite the ride.

Whilst meandering a bit much on the early years of the band (as music bio's tend to do) this is still an almost perfect documentary with a winning formula of variety and execution, What was first tried in the wonderful QUEEN-The Magic Years video films and then perfected by the likes of The Beatles (Anthology) and The Who (Amazing Journey) is an MTV style/short attention span singsong editing formula leaving little room for the chaffe but working extremely well in music and movie documentaries where certain portions of a career must be strung together very briefly with a sense of continuity as told in interview and performance clips. Being an Uber-fan I learned very little new information but seeing my heroes praises sung and respected in an honest and non judgmental arena was extremely fulfilling.

A commercial ran (thrice?) during the broadcast advertising the DVD release and to my utter surprise and delight I was overjoyed to see that its coming out TOMORROW !!! More on that in a few hours - 6/29/10 3:41 a.m.


Arrived at Best Buy (Bay Parkway) only to find zero copies of the DVD in the section so approached a staff member to ask him to check their database for a new release music DVD to which the lad replied "Rush?" immediately. I was directed to a new release display where there was 1 copy left of the DVD/t-shirt bundle pack and 2 copies of the DVD, I am curious how many they ordered and was quite surprised that they had run out of stock and on a weekday as well. Got my t-shirt (and in my size) so I cannot complain at all. - 6/29/10 3:14 p.m.

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