Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweethook - CD Release Party 5/13/10 Fontana's Bar,New York City


A plethora of well wishers came down to show us their well wishing at Fontana's bar on the edge of Chinatown in Downtown Manhattan. The band played very well and we even ran ahead of schedule for the first time allowing us a Rocking version of "Hit The Ground Running" to end our set, I also made the right hand drumming adjustment to the "Singer-friendly/Drummer-Friendly" version of said song on this evening. Abuelito the MAN himself attended the show but I was not made aware of this until he was exiting.

I appreciated all of the drinks offered me and enjoyed some Manic dancing with a WHO fan or two upstairs, A little later in the evening and they were blaring the KINKS upstairs at the bar as well. Chinatown Won Ton soup was purchased to top the evening off but it was Too Soggy.


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