Saturday, May 9, 2009

From The Airwaves:Virgin Megastore 5/7/09


It was a Fabulous 80s Drenched evening performing at the "Last Instore/Virgin Union Square" and for me especially twas' a very moving ('ceptin my less than kinetic right hand which was in fear of dropping the stick for the first half of the show but thats nitpicking innitt?) and fitting showcase playing in the cafe of my Beloved, Long Standing place of employment the Now waning and Very Soon to be Defunct CD shoppe and DVD space Virgin Megastore.

A Truly Festival atmosphere accompanied us as the Virgin staff all played our little Rock and Roll hearts out to a receptive crowd of employees,wander inners and neighborhood folk (not to mention someone dressed as a space alien) mourning the passing of the Megastore and the ushering in of yet more clothing stores very possibly, or frightful the thought.
A Mega Nasal Inhaler Emporium!!!
(no offense to decongestant users please)

A Success? Indeed.

A fitting Instore to end music retail as we currently know it.

Music Is From The Heart,
Give The Gift Of Music.
and most of all

The Virgin Megastore Is Dead, Long Live the Virgin Megastore.


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