Thursday, February 19, 2015

That Metal Show - Ed Trunk, John Petrucci, Geddy Lee & Big Manny P - 2/17/15 - Nep/Metropolis Studios - New York City

My friend and comrade Manny had a last minute ticket to attend the taping (tape ?) of the premiere episode of the 14th season of the popular "That METAL Show" and was gracious and thoughtful enough to invite me knowing I am a fan of the band RUSH and Geddy Lee was the featured interview, also we are friends and comrades, I mean that Manny and myself are friends and comrades. Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) also had a segment on the program. 

What makes this show Great in most peoples opinion (Paul Stanley notwithstanding) is that its just a trio of guys sitting around kvetching about their favorite bands and favorite albums (remember those ?) just like sitting around in a teenage or adult bedroom discussing Music seriously with a hell bent for leather attitude which I must admit is also my favorite thing to do EVER so this show is certainly for all the Music geeks and even casual (or not) fans out there which are most of us.

Solidarity In Music.

In hindsight as I felt completely crappy that day I must say the VH1 "Metal Show" crew did a fantastic job frisking us for weapons and narcotics, taking our coats, getting us into our seats and making sure all was well. Instructions were given in an orderly fashion and everything went smoothly, If Ozzy had bitten off the head of a dove in the studio amidst taping I bet they would have handled it like troopers.

(L to R) - some Korean dude and The Manny.

This photo was taken after taping (umm capturing/filming) via Manny's cellphone since there was a strict NO PHOTOS or Recording policy "held within these walls" and I cannot blame that.

Eddie Trunk I hold in high regards as a fine interviewer, and why ?

He Is A Fan Himself.

And as dare I call them sidekicks he couldn't do it without Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson who are also Uber No Nonsense Fans of Rock Music also knowledgeable and Hysterical in their own right.

I actually learned a few things from this interview tonight (not claiming I know everything but they asked the right questions and got the right answers) that I did not know before.

I did ask her about the t-shirt, it went like this.

Q (me) - And where have you been all of my life ?
A (her) - Not Near You, You Creep !!!

(L to R) - John Petrucci, Manny

(L to R) - Satan Girl, Hell Hound of Satan, Satan (Ed Trunk), Angel Manny.

And the King of Purgatory. Geddy Lee.

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