Friday, September 19, 2014

KING CRIMSON - The Elements Tour 9/18/14 Best Buy Theater - New York City

Upon Arrival.

A friend of mine asked me "So, How Was The Show ?" 

I had to think for literally a few seconds and my reply was that I found my mouth agape several times during the performance due to such intensity overload that I had to cover it, Of course there was no way I was going to ungape it so I chose the passive act of palm to mouth concealment.

This is how greatly King Crimson Mark Vlll affected me, It was the Best Crimson lineup I have seen during the 5 shows I have witnessed since 1984. I was literally Agape at the Power and Majesty of this lineup. Of course you will benefit all the more from knowing the material to revel in it obviously. 

Being a Drummer this platoon of 3 Percussionists astounded me and (be mindful) I Do miss Bill Bruford as many miss Belew but I also understand that "Crimson is about change" and I don't mean pocket change.

My first noted observation was the fact that Crimson Music has been sorely lacking (for reasons of change) in the Saxophone/Flute department as Mel Collins playing just about killed me, I was just floored, Mind you about everyone else on the stage destroyed me as well, but then again this tour of "The Elements" of King Crimson Past, Present & Future is featuring Music from 1968-1973 with some THRAK thrown in for good measure so the Sax and Flute play a big part in the earlier incarnations of the band, This I Loved.

I was already pinned against my seat after the opening salvo of "Larks Tongues In Aspic part one" which was followed by "Pictures Of A City" from Crimson's sophomore release "In The Wake Of Poseidon" and during this number the point came when I would first hear the newbie to me, namely Jakko Jakszyk on vocals which do matter a great deal as I "fall off" when I am being wowed by lets say a Dream Theater only to be greeted by an "average" voice which ruins it for me (no offense to any vocalists in Dream Theater or their fans) but they are not making Jon Anderson's anymore. Well Jakko Nailed it and later in the show I got to hear "The Letters" which is vocal dependent and I never expected to hear Crimson perform that song 40 somewhat years since its creation in this lifetime.

While I spoil it for everyone AS the tour is currently happening and prior to any Audio or Video releases (I NEED The Elements Tour DVD, I say to DGM) I also was Flummoxed by "Starless", "Sailors Tale" and the Sax enhanced versions of "THRAK" and "VROOM" in the set.

Special thanks to the Trio on Drums of Rieflin, Mastelotto and Harrison for messing up my mind with such organized Chaos that would make Cthulhu proud.

And of course Bob Fripp who brought this to fruition.


A view of the stage taken prior to the onslaught.

What proceeds are several photos of the Merchandise table. They might not be the sharpest photos but being a typical New Yorker I did not ask permission to "take" these photo's but just went ahead and shot away until asked to cease and desist. I was never asked to desist or even cease.

My Buddy Adrian Holmes manning the table, I did ask him if we did meet at the Steve Hackett show a Summer previous when I sold programmes for him and I got an affirmative reply. This Man Rules and he is a very nice fellow as well.

The best tour book EVER, 2 CDs and a book in a hardbound case, Twenty Five Bucks, unheard of, well until now. Outstanding concept.

Pin badges for only Five Dollars, this is the price of the subway ride to the venue, Everyone walks away happy with a trinket. 

More Ephemera and just plain "RED".

I see it says Tony Levin "signed" Book here, Quite Funny as how I did not notice this on the night, I have the book right here and just purchased it autograph unseen, quite an added Bonus I must say.

Video Clip of my "Goodies" below.

First Bow before the encores.

Photographed from what is viewed on the little TV monitors that hang above the audience.

Maybe I should go to this show.

(1) Gavin Harrison took this photo the day before opening night, I grabbed this off of the King Crimson webpage knowing I would be attending in less than 24 hours forward from the pic grabbage.

The view of the Marquee prior to my arrival under the Marquee and into the venue.

"promised goodies clip coming soon if anyone is even watching"

And here is the Goodies Clip.

Post Show I had my ritualistic Lamb Over Rice which began last fall on September the 25th when I saw Steve Hackett at this same venue.


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