Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feldstein's Habit


Sid Feldstein was finally out but the urges continued unabated, he had a twenty five year old love affair with his oral fixation and try as he might could not fight off the urges to take that two minute walk to the SMOKE SHOPPE right there on his corner to plunk down his hard earned money for a pack of smokes (Black Death cigarettes were his brand).

The eternity of nine minutes had elapsed since his last cigarette and he was slowly losing his grip on reality. Colors changed brilliantly before his eyes and he couldn't read the hands on the clock properly. Sure there was a monetary upside to Quitting Smoking and he really could use the cash to purchase that most desired dozen fluorescent panama hats encased in an umbrella stand that he had been eyeing for months in the showcase window down at Harriet's Hat Hostel but the price was becoming too high what with his cat Gerald appearing to laugh at him and the angles of his walls awash with nightmarish movement.


Sid balanced himself out of his chair and made a break for it, he thought to himself that it may have even been 11 minutes now since his last puff. Just to make it to the door, The perplexingly Long Hallway stretched out into oddball odd and he ran what seemed an eternity just to get his hands on the deadbolt inching his way closer to the freedom that only Black Death could provide.

12 Minutes Now.

A gaggle of mexican women blocked his egress but as polite as they were holding the door open for him he pushed his way through their ranks closer to his destination and smoky satisfaction. Running to the corner he could see the SMOKE SHOPPE from here.

Sid Feldstein slipped on a strategically placed banana peel and was struck by an oncoming Fedex truck.
The Black Death Had Found him.

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