Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Jones - 10/4/09 New York City


Scrumptious and Filling Louisiana Cajun Style Cookin' located right on the East Side at Great Jones (Ironically on Great Jones street) left me Immobile yet quite happy and very stuffed indeed. Twas almost Impossible to pick from the limited yet widely varied Menu but a man's gotta be a Foodie Always. I entered aiming (in my minds tummy) for Chicken Fried Steak firstly with Jambalaya/Gumbo as my second choice. No C.F.S. sooooo...


Salad - Red Cabbage, Greens, Shredded Carrots, Chick Pea's in a Mysterious Cream Sauce.


Fried Oysters for Appetizer.


She may not be pretty now folks but she was somebody's baby once.

{Stew and Rice Dishes are amongst the hardest to help "Look Sexy" in Food pics, Judge with your Palate Wise Ones.}

Poorman's Jambalaya/Salad/Cornbread ($13.95) consisting of Rice,Sauce,Spices,Sausage and Pulled Pork was mouth watering and looks do deceive, This plate may look a wee bit teeny weeny polka dot bikini but its a Mitzi Dupree Believe You, Me.

I Was too busy shoveling this down to take note of every Ingredient and the subdued lighting made it impossible to tell at all (Keep It Dark folks I'm Eating!!!) I'm sure there were tons of Ingredients but there was a reason I had to use a flash in these pics (Mosquitoes be aware, they will never see you coming) However dimliness makes for a good Eating atmosphere.
(HINT) - Dont be overly generous with the green Tabasco Sauce unless you want to BE A VOLCANO!!!

A Little Jalapeno cornbread on one side, A Stout Ale on the other. LOOK OUT!!!

My Main course was Delicious and Very filling, I'm comin' back!!!


There's always room for dessert and Key Lime Pie always fits the jacket. Delicious and served with a Dollop of Whipping Cream.

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