Friday, March 13, 2009

I Laughed, I Cried And Then I Read The Book:Bill Bruford, The Autobiography


Acerbic wit jumps out from the page at you. Thrill to stories concerning Chris Squire's tardiness, Be taken aback that Mr. Bruford actually bravely ended his tenure with The Almighty Crim, Savor the knowledge in hushed tones concerning the elusive "He Who Could Give Them Life"

(Actually Mr. Bruford does not come across as "acerbic" at all, the word just sounds fitting before "wit")

Bill Bruford has written a Fabulously Marvelous Terrific and Thoroughly enjoyable autobiography from his very unique standpoint in the annals of Prog Rock and his wit (acerbic or otherwise) shines through within every sentence (O.K most of them) you will be hard pressed to keep a smile off your face (That is of course unless your not already saying Bill Who???.........) or are reading this first and easily annoyed by amateurish "I cant even call it a review" on some weirdos blog. I'm Loving this book!!! *****

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