Sunday, December 7, 2008

Size Does Matter/Fort Hamilton Diner 12/04/08

I cannot honestly say that I did Not enjoy my "Brooklyn Burger" which was prepared and delivered by the Fort Hamilton Diner in Bay Ridge BUT... Am I seeing through rose colored taste buds or are the Burger's getting smaller round these parts? 

Perhaps its just that the Buns are getting larger (the bigger the cushion...). 

Mind you, the Burger in question made no claims towards his or her size on the menu, 

(take a closer gander at the pic, the Tomato almost dwarfs the Beef Pattie in size fer Chrissakes!!!)

LESSON 1: Let the buyer beware once ounces of Beef are neglected in the Pattie description and replaced by a Slew of tempting toppings.

The Brooklyn Burger earns A *** (of 5 stars)/Average Diner Fare rating but with Jalapeno slices,Hickory Smoked Bacon,Grilled Onions and 1 Melted Cheddar Cheese slice further topped with Romaine Lettuce and a Tomato remnant it does disguise the fact that your Bun is overlapping your Burger. And In a Big Way Mister!!!.

Complimented by 1 onion ring (I got Gypped),decent Fries,1 Dill Pickle Spear (Sandwich bagged literally) and a small tub shaped plastic vessel of Coleslaw There are no real complaints except "Wheres The Beef ?"

Yes, I Know. LESSON 1


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